NHS Open Enrollment Message

Parents in the state of Ohio have many choices on where to send their children to school. Here at Northwood Schools, we are very proud so many parents from Northwood and our neighboring cities, townships and villages choose our community’s school for their children. Northwood Schools has been participating in the State of Ohio open enrollment process providing students who live outside our district boundaries the opportunity to attend our school since 2009.  Over that time, Open Enrollment has been a successful endeavor through the best of all advertising, word of mouth.

At Northwood High School, we currently have just over 100 students who are open enrolled from other school districts.  We continue to find that no matter a student’s home address, there are striking similarities in attendance rates, discipline rates and even achievement results. Our experience has shown that a Northwood student is a Northwood student no matter the zip code.  We have found that students who want to attend Northwood High School show great success and are some of our best artists, musicians, students, athletes, and all around citizens who we are lucky to have as fellow Rangers.

Northwood High School offers so much opportunity from clubs, to honors courses, college courses, and technology. We believe our district is second to none for the students we serve everyday.  

Knowing this and knowing that we are in an era where public schools are in competition for students with other public schools, charter schools, and even with colleges, we must continue to find new ways beyond word of mouth to get our message to our community and beyond, so that our school may serve students from the area who truly want to be a part of Northwood High School.  

For our newest communication effort, we have partnered with a very talented student from Penta Career Center’s Digital Video Production lab to create a video commercial promoting our school and an Open House we are hosting on March 23rd at 7pm designed for area families interested in Northwood High School. We believe he has done a fantastic job.  See for yourself:  Northwood HS Open Enrollment Commercial

Please contact Mr. Kozina if you have questions.


Publicity credits: This advertisement was created by Jon Grieger, a Bowling Green High School junior who is a member of Penta Career Center’s Digital Video Production Lab under instructor Mr. Russell Grycza.



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