Preschool Interaction & Business Professionals of America

Peer Interactions in Mrs. DeGasto’s Preschool Class

stop sign

Preschool students in Mrs. DeGasto’s class are currently focusing on social and emotional development as well as peer interactions and relationships. Students are interacting with their peers in complex pretend play including planning, coordination of roles, and cooperation. Additionally, students are learning how to demonstrate socially competent behaviors with their peers. Mrs. Degasto explained that students have enjoyed listening and responding to their peers’ ideas, feeling part of a group, participating in teamwork to accomplish a task, and creating as well as following through with the plan selected.

Logan and CarterFor one special activity, students decided to use wooden blocks, wooden road signs, and plastic transportation vehicles to create a city that included roads and bridges. The students were hard at work contemplating where and how to create the roads and bridges as well as where to include the road signs. Mrs. DeGasto concluded by stating, “The students in my class have been showing great progress toward modeling and demonstrating socially competent behaviors with their peers, such as helping one another, sharing, and taking turns.” Great job preschoolers!


NHS Rangers Learn Business and Marketing Skills

BPA Regionals

Leadership ActivityDid you know that Business is the most declared major in post-secondary education? Mrs. Kara Myers explained that even those that do not go on to study business in college, should be informed consumers. She added that marketing is one of the most visible forms of business activity. As consumers, students are exposed to marketing activities every single day.


In Mrs. Myers’ Business Foundations course, students have been working to create logos, slogans, and commercials as they study marketing strategies. Students conducted taste tests and gathered data which was then analyzed and reported. Additionally, students created a marketinCommercial 3g mix using the Northwood Yearbook to help promote sales.  When asked what students enjoyed most, Mrs. Myers said that it definitely had to be taste-testing and creating surveys to gather data. CommercialShe explained that artistic students were able to apply their expertise to creating logos, commercials, and slogans, while more analytical students enjoyed working with the data they collected.


Commercial 2Along with new business courses, Mrs. Myers has worked to establish Northwood’s first ever, BPA program! Business Professionals of America (BPA) is the leading Career and Technical Student organization (CTSO) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology, and other related career fields. Mrs. Myers explained that there are over 7,000 BPA members in Ohio and Northwood is the largest region in Ohio. While this is the first time NHS students have had the opportunity to compete in BPA competitions, our students have been doing incredibly well. Below are the BPA regional competition results for Extemporaneous Speech, Management, Marketing and Human Resource Concepts, Video Production, and Small Business Management:

Extemporaneous Speech:

  • 3rd Place: Ethan Barnes

Management, Marketing, and Human Resource Concepts:

  • 1st Place: Ethan Shover
  • 4th Place: Maia Hardiman
  • 6th Place: Ethan Barnes
  • 7th Place: Dara Artino
  • 9th Place: Tim Zielinski
  • 10th Place: Allyah Haynes

Video Production Team:

  • 10th Place: Hunter Wolff, Logan Carroll, Jocelynn Dunbar

Small Business Management:

  • 6th Place: Anthony Arzuaga and Jacob Lowry

Regional Finalist

Congratulations to Mrs. Myers and our Rangers who are helping to establish BPA at Northwood High School!

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