Community Update From Superintendent Clark

This week has brought a hint of the warm weather to come and as the days provide more daylight, it is time to think about Spring and all of the wonderful things that brings to our part of the world.

Here at school, as hard as it to believe, prom and graduation are just around the corner. Please take a little time with the young people you care about to remind them to celebrate these wonderful experiences with safety in mind and without the use of alcohol or other drugs. Our vigilance as adults around these issues make a difference. Let’s make this wonderful time of year the safest yet for our young people.

The next phase of work constructing our new school is also about to begin. Bidding on this 3rd of 4 phases went well and was within our budget which is very good news. Our Construction Manager at Risk, Rudolph-Libbe is in the process of issuing the contracts to the selected sub-contractors for the work and we should begin to see progress with foundations and walls very soon. The construction will be documented for the use of our community with a camera that will regularly take pictures of the progress which will be available on our school website as we move forward and will allow us to create a time-lapse β€œmovie” showing the building being constructed as well. We are still on track to open the new school in the Fall of 2017 which will be here before we know it..

We are a number of Β years into the school choice, testing and accountability era here in Ohio. As citizens, I encourage each of you to be informed around these issues. Just as you hold our school accountable for providing great opportunities for all of our children, hold our Governor and State Legislators accountable for the public policy they implement that impacts every single child in our state. From funding formulas to testing and curriculum, the policy choices made in Columbus that appear to be corporate driven do have an impact at the local level on actual individual people. An informed and engaged citizenry is the best solution we all have to the issues that face us as a state and as a nation. All of our engagement is required to achieve the best outcomes in public policy.

As always, questions and comments are welcome!

– Superintendent Clark


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