Information Literacy & Jump Rope for Heart


Seventh Graders Learn Information Literacy with Mrs. James

At Northwood, we pride ourselves in staying as up-to-date with technology as possible. But, there is always something new to explore, whether in regards to our digital footprints or new presentation tools. As our library media specialist, yearbook advisor, and teacher, Mrs. Kris James is now teaching the seventh grade course, “Information Literacy.” Currently, students are conducting research, which involves reading and taking notes. They discuss their finding and then organize them into a written presentation. Then, they create a visual presentation using Prezi, assessing its effectiveness through self-evaluation and peer evaluation with the opportunity for revision. Finally, they share their presentations orally with the entire class and participate in a discussion of heroes and their contributions to society. Throughout the unit, students have to read, write, speak, view, and listen. So, the unit requires student to utilize all of the language arts.

Mrs. James explained that while some students are less than excited about conducting research, most appreciate that they are reading about people that they have chosen. She continued, “They really like the Prezi creation element, especially when they are playing with the fonts and colors along with inserting photos, videos, and maps in their Prezis.” While some students are nervous about the oral presentation, they are excited to show what they have created with their peers.

**Mrs. James would like to remind anyone that would like to buy a yearbook, to please contact her at

2016 Jump Rope for Heart

IMG_1811Mrs. Phillips’ elementary students in grades 2-6 recently participated in “Jump Rope for Heart.” This year, students focused on personal heart health awareness and actively working toward it, teamwork with multi-grade teams that promoted mentoring and encouragement to the younger team members, a wall of honor focusing attention on others whose hearts are not as healthy, raising funds for the American Heart Association, and making “Jump Rope for Heart” a whole school activity where socialization and enjoyment were promoted.


Students learned jumping skills using short and long ropes and other jumping equipment,IMG_1814 participated in daily jumping challenges, completed a heart/lung/body obstacle course where they learned anatomy and blood flow and were challenged to “circulate” as many times as possible, played games that encourage making heart healthy choices, and filled out paper “honor” hearts that were used to create the wall of honor.
IMG_1829 (1)The theme for this year’s “Jump Rope for Heart” was Who Let the Dogs Out. A dog mascot visited school during the event giving out hugs and high fives to many of the participants. Some teachers and parents joined in on the team jumping as well. The mixed teams were a great way for students to get to know each other. Everyone loved the obstacle course challenge! Additionally, the individual classes were challenged to raise the most money for the  AHA so that they could participate in a “toilet paper party.” The honors went to Miss Ray’s second graders. Miss Ray, the DJ, kept the beat going and made it fun to jump! Mrs. Phillips was proud to announce, “To date…we have raised almost $6,000 that will be sent to the American Heart Association!”


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