Celebrating the 100th Day of School!

Many of our elementary students recently celebrated the 100th Day of School! IMG_3907Third grade students took a trip to the past and conducted school just like they would have 100 years ago! Students spent the day pretending that they were in a one-room school, reading from the McGuffey Readers, wearing clothes that would have been worn 100 years ago, and even eating lunches that were brought in baskets! 

Third grade teacher, Mrs. Suzanne Bates explained that students were a little nervous about dressing up and conducting class as they did in a one-room school. However, on the day 20160203_103605of the event, students had a lot of fun. Students learned that 100 years ago, books were scarce, so they couldn’t take home school books. They also learned that all lessons were read out loud and in front of each other. Many found that having to memorize their lessons was really difficult. Students decided that having to perform all lessons in front of others was a little bit scary and were glad that they live in the present. A lot of students said packing their lunch in a pail or basket was fun and they enjoyed eating lunch because it was different than the lunches today.

Students were able to experience the books that children read 100-150 years ago through the McGuffey Readers. These books are a collection of stories, poems, essays, and speeches, which usually contain a moral at the end. For example, one moral is that if a student works hard and does what he/she is supposed to, he/she will get a good job. Another moral is that honesty and truth always produce a better life.

Many students expressed that their favorite parts of the day were sitting boys on one side, girls on the other based on age (youngest sat in the front and oldest sat in the back), the spelling bee, and playing the “word” game. This game consisted of students writing all the words down that they could think of that started with and ending with particular letters provided for them. When the words were generated, each student read their list aloud. If a word was read that was on their own list, they had to cross it out. Each student got a point for every word that was unique. Students had a great time on their trip to the past, and even enjoyed their small break from technology!


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