Using iPad Apps to Practice Grammar, Fluency, and Comprehension Skills in Mrs. McKanna’s Class

image (1)Mrs. McKanna’s fifth grade language arts students are enjoying the various iPad apps available to them this year. Some of their favorites for creating include Comic Strip, ChatterKid, and StoryKit. Students use IXL and Spelling City weekly for practice with grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Students also work on fluency by using their iPads to record themselves reading a passage that they have never seen before; this is called a “cold” read. After several days of practicing that same passage, they record it again as a “practiced” read. This allows students to hear how they have improved and see their improvement via the rubric on Schoology.


Recently, students finished reading novels with the theme of friendship. image (2)Each class read a different title, including Maniac Magee, The Pinballs, and Wonder. Reading these novels provided many different opportunities for great discussions about real life issues that students can relate to in their own lives. In addition, students focused on skill work including comprehension, story elements, main idea, summarizing, and writing. Mrs. McKanna’s students were able to incorporate CAFE (comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expand vocabulary) strategies as they read both aloud and independently.


IMG_1995Student enjoyed working collaboratively to create story summaries. Two of the classes were able to showcase their group work by creating a newscast and recording with the GreenScreen app on their iPads. The third class used the StoryKit app to create and share their summaries. Both apps allowed students to work on enunciation, articulation, and fluency. In addition to working creatively on their iPads, student enjoyed reading orally as a whole group and hearing one another be expressive. They enjoyed discussing the stories and finding out if their predictions came true!


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