Preserving Ranger History & The Biological Molecule Beauty Pageant

Preserving Ranger History with Mrs. Linkey’s Class

UntitledWriting can be a difficult task for first grade students. Just developing an idea to write about is a struggle. Once their topic is discovered, they know what they want to say, but because of their limited vocabulary and fine motor skills, spelling and phonemic difficulties, and general uncertainty of how to put their words into print, they often struggle. However, Mrs. Linkey helps students to work through these difficulties and develop the necessary skills throughout the school year. Students practice creating many different forms of writing such as narrative, personal letters, and informative writings.

Currently, students are revisiting a writing piece they began back in November and are image (3)image (5)creating an audio slide presentation to share their work. Mrs. Linkey explained that her classroom has a bird’s eye view of the demolition and construction process of our new school building. In November, during the demolition of the old Board of Education building, students watched and documented the tearing down of the building using their iPad cameras right outside the classroom window. Students charted daily the equipment and tools they were seeing and researched what job each piece held during the project. Students then wrote about what they had seen using topic sentences, sequencing, and closing statements.

In January, students used an iPad app, Educreations, to make an audio presentation of their writing. Students created a slide for each step and included one of their photos from the demolition day, making sure the image (1)photo matched the typed text on each slide. Once completed, each student read and recorded their story in the “sound booth” constructed in the hallway, to finish the the creation of their final products.
Mrs. Linkey explained that every step of this lesson has been exciting for students. She said, “How many people can say they have watched a building being torn down? For our little people to document the process and re-tell how they see the events unfold is priceless. Their finished stories are imagewonderfully unique and so special. This project brought their writing to life!” Mrs. Linkey added, that students have loved being able to share their web link with family and peers. Mrs. Linkey concluded,“They have preserved a wonderful piece of Northwood history. I am so proud of each and every one of them. They worked so hard!”

Want to check out some of the amazing final products? Click the links below!

Kianna’s Demo Day Project

Mya’s Demo Day Project

Kylie’s Demo Day Project

Hayden’s Demo Day Project

Madison’s Demo Day Project

Mr. Shumaker’s “Biological Molecule Beauty Pageant”


In preparation for learning the important processes of life that go on inside cells, Mr. Shumaker’s sophomore biology students are working on the “Biological Molecule Beauty Pageant” project. Students are focusing on the structures and functions of important IMG_0117Biomolecules like Amino Acids (Proteins), Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Nucleic Acids (DNA). 

The “Biological Molecule Beauty Pageant” is broken down into four portions. First, “Formalwear and Swimwear.” This is the visual portion of the project. Students create physical and/or digital models of their molecules to highlight their chemical structures. They then present them to the class. IMG_0123Second, the “Talent Show” portion has students show the “talents” of the Biomolecules in a skit or song. This portion of the project is meant to be lighthearted and funny. Third, “Interviews” take place. Students must answer pageant-style questions from the perspective of their molecule. For example, “How does your molecule fight to end world hunger?” Finally, the final portion of the project is a “fact sheet” in which students create a bulleted summary of what they have learned, as well as listing their resources.IMG_0126

Mr. Shumaker explained that students are currently in the midst of this project, but are really enjoying making their molecular models and planning their skits. He added, “They seem to be having fun and are engaged in a topic that can be boring and complicated in other situations.”

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