“Changes” with Ms. Duckett and the “Production Possibilities Frontier” with Ms. Wills


“Changes” with Ms. Duckett’s First Grade Class

IMG_2454Ms. Duckett’s first graders are currently working on vowel teams, compound words, and reading stamina. Students are currently reading about “changes.” These changes include how students grow and learn, how nature changes, and changes through the seasons. Students displayed their baby pictures and tried to guess who was who, while comparing and contrasting what they used to do with what they can do now. These students are also finishing up their shoe-tyingIMG_2464 goal and progressing through math facts and “popcorn” sight words. Additionally, students made calendars for their families using their handprints and footprints to make pictures that represent something special about each month. Ms. Duckett stated that these calendars were a fun labor of love.

IMG_2458“Students have enjoyed learning about themselves and reflecting back on their milestones with timelines on how we grow and change. It has been interesting to watch and learn about the changes animals make as the seasons change, as well as checking in on the baby panda growing at the National Zoo via PandaCam,” explained Ms. Duckett. She added that students enjoy graphing progress and seeing the class goal charts filling up with progress!


The “Production Possibilities Frontier” in Ms. Wills’ Economics Class


Ms. Wills’ second period Economics class is currently studying the basic concepts of Economics. MIMG_3735s. Wills explained that one key word in Economics is “scarcity,” meaning, the fact that all resources are limited in supply. “Scarcity” also means that individuals and nations must make decisions on how to use the limited supply of resources. A very common way that Economists display this concept is in a Production Possibilities Frontier called “Guns and Butter.” This graph gives the general idea of how a country must make decisions on how they allocate resources, either to the military or to the civilians. In addition to using their textbooks, students also view Kahn Academy videos.


IMG_3736Ms. Wills explained that because this unit is an introduction to the concepts of Economics, she uses various methods to spark interest in the subject.“This class has a small roster and so students are able to be more directly involved in our Economics discussions. Although facilitated by the instructor, this course is more of a discovery class as the students use the iPads for direct access to information,” said Ms. Wills. She further explained tIMG_3739hat this method allows students to be the “finder and presenter” of information which make the information more relevant and timely. Ms. Wills concluded by adding that even though Economics is no longer a required course, it is still an important subject that she would like to encourage students to consider taking during their time at NHS.




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