A Recap of the Fall Music Festivities With Mrs. Dunlap

Mrs. Dunlap’s elementary music classes have been incredibly busy this year. When asked about the importance of music performances, Mrs. Dunlap explained that performances are a great opportunity to apply the lessons learned in music class such as reading music, matching pitch, blending, harmonizing, and memorization. Mrs. Dunlap stated, “Students work together as a team to ensure lyrics can be understood clearly and create expressive musicianship.” She further stated that performing in front of an audience helps students gain invaluable experience as well as confidence and poise. Additionally, concerts serve as a “final exam” as they are a culmination of the semester’s hard work and preparation. The fall elementary music performances included:


September 17, 2015: 6th Graders “Sh! We’re Writing the Constitution” Performance

November 12, 2015: 5th and 6th Grade Fall & Patriotic Performance

December 3, 2015: 3rd and 4th Grade “Holiday and Music” Christmas Program Featuring the 5th and 6th Grade Choir


Rhythm-SticksThe 3rd and 4th Grade “Holiday and Music” Christmas Program included third grade students using rhythm sticks during their enthusiastic performance of “The Rhythm of the Season.” Fourth grade bell ringers did an outstaBellsnding job during the program. Several fourth grade narrators were featured in a humorous number questioning, “What’s a Yule Log?”


PilgrimsFor the 5th and 6th grade “Fall and Patriotic Performance” several fifth grade students dressed in Native American or Pilgrim costumes as students sang songs of being “Glad for Their Thanksgiving” and “Pilgrims,” which included narrations recalling the Thanksgiving feast. The sixth grade students presented selections from the “Sh! We’re Writing the Constitution” mini musical. This performance featured four costumed Founding Fathers and several delegates. Mrs. Dunlap explained, “This dramatic and humorous mini musical, brought to life what these famous men painstakingly went through to form our constitution.” This group of students also sang aFounding-Fathers fall song as well as a send off song, “The Future is Calling Us” in honor of their last elementary performance with Mrs. Dunlap. Students took pride in participating in a processional led by the American and State Flag as well as displaying the U.S. flag during the patriotic songs.


The 5th and 6th grade choir performed at both the November and December concerts. They received rave reviews when they performed for the Retiree Christmas Party as well. One of the students’ favorite selections was “Share Your Good Will” which helped to kick off the Student Council’s Food Drive Contest to donate food to families in need at Christmas. Student Council Advisor, Mrs. Turner, created a beautiful visual by having students bring forward canned goods to the stage during lyrics motivating our student body to “remember there are people not as fortunate as you.”


Mrs. Dunlap explained that most of our Ranger students love to sing and perform their favorite songs for their families. Quite a few also enjoy adding a dramatic flair to songs by depicting special characters in their songs. They encourage and support those who contribute 5-6-Choir (1)above and beyond by dressing up in costumes, carrying props, narrating, or playing instrumental features. Even those who are shy and get nervous, end up feeling quite a sense of accomplishment when they receive positive feedback upon completion of a successful  program. Third and fourth grade students were 6th-Grade (1)excited that their selections for the “Holiday of Music” program would put everyone into the spirit of Christmas. Fifth and sixth grade students were exceptionally proud to sing harmonies this year. While fifth graders loved singing about the history of pilgrims and being thankful for our freedoms, sixth grade students enjoyed the opportunity to honor and recognize our Veterans.

Our elementary students worked very hard in preparing for the fall performances. the fifth and sixth grade choir worked diligently to sing in two-part harmony. This choir is comprised of students from six different classrooms who meet once a week during recess. Mrs. Dunlap expressed that these students were definitely a pleasure to work with. “Their enthusiasm and love for singing is contagious and enjoyable. I am so proud of their dedication and commitment” said Mrs. Dunlap. She explained that these students serve as an inspiration for the younger grades and help to display how fulfilling choir can be for those who love to sing. Mrs. Dunlap concluded by stating, “I am grateful for all of the teachers, staff, NEO, and parents who help in so many ways to support our performances through schedule changes, assisting in practices and concerts, as well as their words of encouragement to students and myself.”


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