Sixth Grade Essay Contest Winners!

The 6th grade studentsΒ have been working on argument essays for over a month!Β Students chose a topic that they felt strongly about and followed the writing process to develop their essays. They researched extensively on their ipads to find evidence to support their arguments. During the research process, students had to evaluate the professionalism of their sources and cite the sources they chose to use. Students worked together to revise and edit their essays, collaborating with both rubrics and checklists to make suggests or improvements. When they typed their final drafts, the students were very excited to learn that Miss McVey would be choosing several essays to appear in the Ranger Roundup. Miss McVey said it was clear that the students had put a great deal of effort into their work, and she was impressed by all of the drafts she read.
The sixth grade essay contest winners are Adrian Xaiyarath, Kaden Wilson, and David Eva. Adrian was chosen from Miss Murphy’s homeroom, Kaden was chosen from Mr. Roach’s homeroom, and David was chosen from Mrs. Wilson’s homeroom. Check out their essays below:
IMG_0956 (1)

Why the U.S. Should Get Oil Only in the States

By: Adrian Xaiyarath

Adrian- Argument (1)

Why Apple Needs to Stop Making the iPhone Taller

By: Kaden Wilson

Kaden- Argument


No More Homework

By: David Eva

David- Argument


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