Math with Mrs. Semler & Economics with Mrs. Bates

Mrs. Semler’s 8th Grade Math Class


Mrs. Semler’s eighth grade students are currently studying the angles formedIMG_1509 by parallel lines and a transversal. This unit is important, as it is part of the Ohio Standards that will be included in state testing this spring. During this unit, students have created maps, stood in angles on floor charts, and used quite a few hands-on activities to master these angles.

Students most enjoyed creating maps using the EduCreations app and being active participants in the lesson. During the EduCreations activity, students were first given directions to where fast food restaurants, fire hydrants, cars, and people walking their dogs, needed to be located. Then, students were able to use their iPads to find pictures from the Internet in order to create their maps.   Mrs. Semler stated, “They have done a great job and really seem to be understanding the material!”


Mrs. Bates’ 3rd Grade Social Studies Class

Picture #2 - Bates

Mrs. Bates’ third grade students are currently studying economics and how to manage money wisely. Students learn how a variety of choices can impact our ability to save and spend money and how we are in control of those choices. The students discover that people use incentives, both positive and negative, to influence behavior. Students get into groups to discuss and decide which types of incentives are most influential. Then, Picture #1 - Batesstudents go to various websites that show how our decisions affect our ability to make good choices with money. These sites also give the students first-hand experience as consumers and producers alike. Mrs. Bates explained that students look into choices and discover the opportunity costs, the next best choice, and what one would have to give up in order to get their first choice. In the end, students create a budget for and work toward making gingerbread houses.

Students’ favorite part of the unit is of course, making the gingerbread houses! They begin by making a blueprint on paper. Students have a budget for supplies. If students desire supPicture #4 - Batesplies for their gingerbread houses that go beyond the budget, they must work toward the additional supplies by working on math story problems. Once students have their budgets figured out and have the money necessary to build, they begin the task of creating their very own gingerbread houses!


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