Mr. Lewin’s 8th grade American History Class:

IMG_0339Mr. Lewin’s eighth grade American History students are currently studying the American Revolution. Mr. Lewin said, “It is important for our students to understand how our country was formed and what the people living here had to endure before and during the war for independence.” Mr. Lewin further explained that the freedoms that our students have everyday are a direct correlation to the brave men and women who gave their lives.  

During this unit, the students take a closer look at the Declaration of Independence. They identify the three parts and discuss the importance IMG_0326of each, especially in regards to the wordage and how important Thomas Jefferson thought it was to choose each word precisely. Students also follow the Patriot army around the country and pay close attention to how out-numbered the Patriots really were throughout much of the war. Mr. Lewin further explained that without foreign allies, we may never have truly become an independent nation.

Additionally, Mr. Lewin along with Mr. Myers, took the students on a field trip to the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington, Michigan. Students have been learning and reading about the Holocaust since last year and this trip served as the culmination of those lessons. Mr. Lewin expressed that the trip was an experience that students will not soon forget. He added, “It is one thing to read about it, but it is an entirely different experience to see some of those atrocities first hand.”


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