Northwood Teen Pep

One of the groups that we are most thankful for here at NHS, is our Teen Pep group, fondly referred to as the “Peppers” by their advisor, Mr. Erik Johnson. This year’s Teen Pep members include: Sydney Boisselle (Jr), Jade Emmert (Jr), Kamille Berry (Sr), Hannah Moore (Jr), Alex Hoffer (Fr), Maia Hardiman (Sr), Joey Fox (Sr), Preciosa Rios (Sr), and Corey Juhasz (Jr). Teen Pep is a student organization tasked with creating and developing a positive school culture. Junior Hannah Moore explained, “PEP stands for Peers Educating Peers, in which as a team, we get to inform/discuss topics like bullying and teen dating violence with fellow students.” Teen Pep members are nominated by teachers and coaches to participate in this group. Freshman Alex Hoffer stated, “The reason I joined Teep Pep was because I enjoy helping people, and it really does help students. It’s not just a group that doesn’t have an impact and is blown off; it’s taken seriously.”

These students participate in anti-bullying and healthy relationship trainings. They then present to the various classes from December through May. The presentations generally consist of skits with a whole group discussion following the skits. Senior Kamille Berry said, “It makes me really happy when students walk out of our meetings/discussions with a new attitude; it makes us feel successful as a team.” Mr. Johnson stated, “It is important to focus on the positive aspects of our school culture and to give students the tools needed to deal with the negative aspects.” Additionally, Alex Hoffer concluded, “As a team, we are able to give students a support system; if they need someone to talk to, they can come to anyone on the Teen Pep team!”


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