Art Class with Ms. Diamond and Ms. Rohloff!

Ms. Diamond’s Sixth Grade Art Class:

Currently, Ms. Diamond’s sixth grade students are working on Egyptian Masks in collaboration with Mr. Roach’s History curriculum. The students have worked with m20151116_090434.jpgolds and made paper-mache faces that they will transform into Pharaoh’s, Gods, and Goddesses. They will work to depict their historical significance in the lives of the ancient Egyptians. The heads of animals and the colors chosen to paint the skin (for instance, females were painted yellow to represent an indoor life) are all considerations and decisions that the sixth grade artists will make. In addition to the masks, there is an incorporation of Hieroglyphs. Students will20151116_090133.jpg write their own names in this picture language. The students need to transform their mask with painting, and the
additions of collars and false beards, or headpieces and crowns.


20151116_090127.jpgMs. Diamond added that students have worked hard in between the recent musical performance they put on. Students have learned to multi-task, especially because some of the students are also band members! Ms. Diamond stated, “I have seen the students enjoy the research they do on their iPads and they have given a 20151116_090414.jpglot of thought as to how they want to represent their selection.” She explained that art takes time, and that students will most likely conclude their finished works by Christmas. These pieces will then be displayed for all to enjoy. Lastly, Ms. Diamond added, “I am fortunate to be able to witness growth, and joy in the creations of students.”


Ms. Rohloff’s Art II Class:

Ms. Rohloff’s Art II course is comprised primarily of sophomore sIMG_1392.JPGtudents. Students are currently working on Monochromatic Pop Art Portraits. Ms. Rohloff explained that this unit is important because IMG_1396.JPGit utilized digital tools, teaches technical skill and craftsmanship, and incorporates Art History. During this unit, students learn about the Pop art style, use Photoshop to alter an image, and learn about stretching a canvas, drawing an enlargement using a grid, recognizing value changes, and mixing correct paint values.


IMG_1393.JPGMs. Rohloff stated that students enjoy being able to choose an image of a person who inspires them. They also enjoy the feeling of accomplishment because they are starting with four single stretcher bars and an iIMG_1294.JPGdea and finish with a very impressive 16×20 painting. Ms. Rohloff added, “The students definitely look forward to this project!” This project has many steps and takes quite a bit of class time to complete. Ms. Rohloff concluded, “It makes me proud to see the students work so hard on this and get genuinely excited to work on it day after day.”


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