Mr. Dickey’s U.S. History Class & Mrs. Reiter’s Second Grade Reading Class

Mr. Dickey’s U.S. History Class

CSz889WWIAIZTjMIf you follow Mr. Dickey on Twitter, you already know that Mr. Dickey is always looking for new and exciting ways to make learning about history both educational and a ton of fun! During his last unit, students created songs about Economic systems and in a future unit students will be creating a skit/puppet show.CSz87xhWcAAJHQg

Mr. Dickey’s tenth grade students have just finished the “Wonderful World of the Gilded Age” and are now entering the Progressive Era. Mr. Dickey explained, “We are at a transition in society…going from allowing Big Business to run the show, to now asking that the government help out the little guy. It’s a fun unit because students really start to see problems from way back in the day that still exist today.” Mr. Dickey’s favorite lesson during this unit is a reading from Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. It’s a muckraking piece about the meat packing industry. Students brainstorm and participate in a class discussion. Then, students write a report to Congress telling them what needs to be changed in order to better help society.

Mrs. Reiter’s Second Grade Reading Class:
IMG_2067Mrs. Reiter’s second grade reading students are currently reading a nonfiction selection called Jellies: The Life of a Jellyfish. In this unit, students are learning both research skills and the difference between fact and opinion, as well as the author’s purpose. During this unit, students IMG_2219will be usiIMG_2170ng their iPads to research jellyfish. They will then put together a small report and present their findings to their peers. Mrs. Reiter explained that the students, “love researching and learning exciting facts about jellyfish. They also enjoy learning the difference between the many types of jellyfish in the ocean.”


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