National Principals Month!

In honor of National Principals Month, the Ranger Roundup interviewed elementary school principal Lindsey McVey, high school assistant principal Erik Johnson, and high school principal Jason Kozina.

Elementary School Principal, Lindsey McVey:

Ms. Lindsey McVey (who will be getting a new last name when she marries in July) attended Bowling Green State University and majored in Early Childhood Education. She graduated in June 2007 with a PK-3 teaching license and a reading endorsement. That August she began teaching kindergarten at Grand Rapids Elementary (the school that she attended herself) in the Otsego School District. She taught kindergarten for one year before moving to a third grade classroom for one year. She then taught kindergarten and art at Haskins Elementary (also in the Otsego district). Ms. McVey finished off her teaching career at Otsego Elementary teaching four years of first grade, which was her favorite! While in her last two years of teaching, Ms. McVey returned to BGSU to obtain her master’s degree in administration, which led to her position as the elementary principal at Northwood Local Schools. Ms. McVey calls her current position, her dream job!

Ms. McVey stated that she loves everything about working at Northwood and feels so lucky to be a Ranger! The students, staff, and community are wonderful. She also loves the dedication of the teachers and their commitment to students. Ms. McVey explained, “The students are always smiling and eager to come into our buildings every morning. Parents are present around our events and always give a helping hand.” Furthermore, Ms. McVey stated that she is excited each and every day to come to work. In fact, “You can’t even call this work. There is nothing better than working with children. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this incredible school,” said Ms. McVey.

Looking to the future of Northwood Elementary, Ms. McVey explained that our students and community can look forward to more collaboration, improved teaching and learning, more technology integration, and a feeling of district wide camaraderie. She said, “With the opportunity we have before us, we will be learning in a state of the art, 21st century facility, with the best students, staff, and community around. I can’t wait to be a part of this exciting time!”

High School Assistant Principal, Erik Johnson:

Mr. Erik Johnson started his career as a Social Studies teacher. Additionally, he served as the athletic director for two years, the dean of students for two years, and has spent the past three years as the high school assistant principal. When asked what he enjoys most about his position, Mr. Johnson explained that he has a unique position that allows him to work with all of our grade levels. He stated, “I enjoy seeing all of the different levels of learning at NLS, from sitting on carpet squares and learning to read, all the way to the seniors’ New York portfolios.” When discussing the future of NLS, Mr. Johnson said that the new building will allow us to approach many aspects of learning in new and exciting ways. Finally, when asked to provide a fun fact about himself, Mr. Johnson responded, “I have stood on top of Mt. Rainier, which has the largest glacial system in the contiguous 48 states, on two different occasions.”

High School Principal, Jason Kozina:

The 2015-2016 school year marks Mr. Jason Kozina’s 17th year in education. Upon graduation from Bowling Green State University, Mr. Kozina started his career as the band director at North Baltimore Local Schools. Additionally, he served as the assistant principal and high school principal (for three years) during his time at North Baltimore. He is currently in his eighth year at Northwood and has served as both the principal of the middle school and high school. The current seniors were in 5th grade when he came to Northwood! When asked to provide a fun fact about himself, Mr. Kozina explained that he is a musician and loves to play the trumpet and drums. Mrs. Petteys puts up with him every year, as he bothers her with new ideas for her percussion section!

Mr. Kozina stated that he enjoys, “Working with a staff that is truly invested in doing what is best for students. We also have a great community and parent support, which makes Northwood a great place to work.” When asked about the future of Northwood High School, Mr. Kozina explained that because we have great support from our school board, we have been able to change how we deliver instruction by using technology as a tool in our classrooms. He stated, “We have been on the cutting edge of the educational technology movement for several years and I am very excited to see what the next five years hold for us in regards to technology and how the new learning spaces allow us to continue to try new things.”

Finally, Mr. Kozina stated, “I am extremely proud to work at Northwood, but I am even more excited as a parent, that my children can attend this great school!”


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