Northwood Groundbreaking Ceremony: A New Chapter

GB45The Northwood Local Schools groundbreaking ceremony took place on Friday, October 2nd at 10 a.m. All students were in attendance as well as various members of the community. School Board President Denise Niese served as the emcee for the event. Our NHS Acapella group sang the National Anthem prior to Superintendent Greg Clark addressing the audience. Mr. Clark expressed appreciation for the Northwood Board of Education members. He then proceeded to provide a brief history of Northwood, Ohio. Mr. Clark stated, “Our community has a long and rich history of taking on the challenge left to us by those who came before, to maintain and even expand the opportunities our young people are afforded through our schools.” He went on to explain that the school district began working with the state of Ohio to assess our school buildings and facility needs back in 2003. The class of 2018, who are scheduled to be the first class to graduate from the new building, were only 3-years-old when this process began! Mr. Clark reminded us all that, “As we turn this ground today, we are celebrating the best of our nature in our willingness to continue to devote a substantial portion of the collective resources of today, in an investment that will only pay dividends down the road, as we provide opportunities for our young people to gain the skills, knowledge, and wisdom, to lead enriched and meaningful lives.”

Naomi Smith spoke on behalf of the Citizens of Northwood. She told the story of moving into the district sixteen years ago. GB14She explained the kindness of the staff at Northwood, and how it put her at ease as her first grade son, transitioned into a new school. She discussed how her admiration for our schools grew as her children continued to grow, and as she became more involved as both a parent and an employee of Northwood Local Schools. She concluded her speech with these kind words, “As I stand here before you today, I can honestly tell you that this place is not only really that good, this place is great. And, I’m proud to call it my home!”

Student representatives from the graduating class of 2018 also spoke at the event. Hannah Garno expressed the excitement of being part of the first class to graduate from the new building. When speaking of the building, Miss Garno stated, “This not only will be great for our class, but for all of the classes that will spend their whole school career in this building. They will have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. This step forward will bring many new experiences to come for the future of Northwood.”

Senator Randy Gardner was also in attendance for the event. He ​presented the school with a proclamation from the Ohio Senate honoring the school district on the groundbreaking for the new school. He promised that GB15when the school is built he will present our school with a flag that flew over the state capitol building. Additionally, Senator Gardner took time to acknowledge Mr. Joel Davis, an Olney High School graduate who was in attendance for the Groundbreaking Ceremony. Olney graduates Bill Hirzel and Kay Vargo were also in attendance for the celebration.

Various groups took part in the “turning of the earth” including Board of Education members, elementary students, representatives of the Class of 2018, parents, and staff members. The ceremony ended with the singing of the Alma Mater and a balloon release.

GB70The groundbreaking ceremony was a huge success and a great step into the newest chapter of Northwood Local Schools. On behalf of Northwood Local Schools, the Ranger Roundup would like to thank all who were involved in the planning and organization of the event, those who participated in the event, and those that were in attendance for the celebration. It’s a great time to be a Ranger!


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