Mr. Kohring’s Physics Class and Mrs. Limon’s Second Grade Classroom:

Mr. Kohring’s Physics Class:
 IMG_0292Mr. Kohring’s Physics students are currently studying the motion of objects in free fall. During this lesson, students used a “video physics” app to record and compare the motion of a baseball and a medicine ball falling. The students plotted data of the falling IMG_0294objects and were asked to calculate the acceleration of each using a graph of their plotted data. The students enjoyed collecting video footage of the objects and seeing immediate representation of the object’s motion in the form of different motion graphs. Mr. Kohring explained that students will use the video physics app throughout the year to reinforce the study of forces, momentum, energy, and other physics concepts.

Mrs. Limon’s Second Grade Classroom:

 photo 1In Mrs. Limon’s second grade classroom, students are becoming independent readers with the rotation of Daily 5 activities. Students have built 20 minutes of Read-to-Self stamina! During this time, students are focusing and setting goals based on CAFE strategies (comprehension, accuracy, fluency, expanding vocabulary) that were previously taught. The CAFE strategies allow Mrs. Limon to focus on each child’s specific needs and honors where they are as readers. Using the strategies and setting goals with students allows her to provide more meaningful and differentiated instruction.
During Read-to-Self, students are able to book shop and choose books of interest. Students are able to connecphoto 3t with the book by writing in their reading journals. Students record text-to-self and text-to-text connections, as well as recording new information they’ve learned or questions they may have. Students conference and work one-on-one with the teacher or in small groups based on their needs. Students enjoy weekly book shopping and sitting in beach chairs or lying on carpet squares while reading. Most of all, students enjoy the feeling of having a good book in their hands. Mrs. Limon added, “Second graders are amazing readers!”


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