Classroom Spotlights: Profe Genson’s Spanish Two Class & Mrs. Turner’s Third Grade Math Classroom

Profe Genson’s Spanish Two Class:

The studIMAG0045ents in Spanish Two are currently focusing on stem-changing verbs in the present tense. This unit is important in that students are grasping another useful tool in continuing to improve their communicative proficiency. This unit’s information will also give the class a foundation to begin learning about the past-tense. Profe Genson explained that during this unit, he strives to incorporate lots of interactive lessons to try to combat the arduous process of remembering all of the rules for stem-changes. He uses audio exercises, games, and stories to present and practice the unit’s content. For example, one exercise involves playing a game of diceIMAG0046. One die is white and the other is colored. The number that is rolled on the white die reveals the subject pronoun to be used and the number rolled on the colored die determines the particular stem-changing verb to be conjugated. Once the students have a subject and a verb, they must then come up with the most creative sentence to earn points.

The students appear to be enjoying the fact that they’re developing communicative competence. During each unit, students are given one more tool for communication that can be added to their repertoire of Spanish. Profe Genson stated, “Seeing their gratification when correctly applying the conversational skills being learned is a genuine intrinsic reward for me.”

Mrs. Turner’s Third Grade Math Classroom:

IMG_3411 Mrs. Turner’s third grade math students are busy learning to round to the nearest 10 and 100 as well as moving to subtracting and adding three and four digit numbers. Students visit three areas a day called the “Daily Three.” “Math by Myself” allows students to utilize technology to practice their math skills. “Math with Someone” allows students play games such as “Number Top-It” and IMG_3426“Rounding Cover-Up” to practice math skills. Finally, students participate in “Math Writing” in which they work on math workbooks and an interactive math journal to keep new information fresh and accessible. Students really enjoy the games and activities that are used in class to help them learn all of the wonderful new math concepts. Mrs. Turner added, “Third Graders Rock!!!”

Northwood Library Website:

Have you checked out the Northwood Library website? Be sure to bookmark it to your computer and/or iPad for easy access! You can find it here: Northwood High School Media Center

Upcoming Dates:


Oct. 1: Olney Picture Day & Preschool

Oct 2: NES Picture Day & Preschool


Sept. 28: 7th Grade Field Trip to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

Oct. 1: Anthony Wayne Band Festival

Oct. 2: Homecoming Game

Oct. 3: Homecoming Dance

Be sure to check our prior post (below) about the official Groundbreaking Ceremony and Homecoming events! 


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