An Important Update from Superintendent Clark

The calendar has turned and we have entered the last quarter of of 2015. School has been in session a little over a month and I trust most have settled into the established routine of this school year. Here at school, I am happy to report that things are going well and I want to thank everyone involved for their flexibility and patience as we go through the process of building our new school on this campus while we continue to hold classes here.

These are exciting times for our community and I have a few things to update you on.

First, we are getting close to our groundbreaking ceremony. It is Friday, October 2, 2015 at 10 am at the stadium (NHS Gym if we have rain). We would love to have you there if you are able to attend. If you can make it, please RSVP to Kelly Neundorfer through her email:

Next, progress continues on the first stage of the project on schedule. Parking lots were done in time for school to start, lighting will be complete before the time change when it becomes really needed and the new Bus Maintenance facility is scheduled to open on November 6, 2015. The second stage of the project isn’t about logistics like the first. It is about doing the excavation work for our new school and it is slated to begin the first full week of October with plans to have the building pad completed before the onset of Ohio Winter. Verticle construction of the new school will then begin as soon as weather allows in 2016. We are still on schedule to open the new building in the fall of 2017 (Yay!).

As we move forward & prepare for that time, we will need to make the summer of 2017 a long summer to enable the transition from our current buildings to the new one possible. Please be planning for next school year to be one with short vacations so we can get out of school as early as we can and for the 2017-2018 school year to begin later than usual, perhaps after Labor Day.

I also need your thoughts on a couple of items that are not about buildings, but about providing the best educational experience possible. Research continues to mount that teens would benefit from a later start to the school day. If we wanted to explore that, what would be the impacts to your families that would concern you? Also, what would be the impacts to your families if on weather delay days our school district chose to have a three hour delay rather than simply closing if the fog is still there at 8 am after a two hour delay?  The more information you share with me on these items the better chance we have to make the best decisions around them. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

As you are aware, our school is our community’s school.  As a public school, the resources required to turn out the next generation of educated citizens come from all of us. From the contributions of our parents to those of our neighbors, a community effort is what it takes to provide excellent educational opportunities for our young people.

I consider it  a great privilege it is to serve as Superintendent of Northwood’s School and I greatly appreciate what our community invests in our young people. Thank you all for the part you play in advancing all of our future through your contributions to Northwood’s School.

As always, I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.


Greg Clark

Northwood Local Schools Superintendent

500 Lemoyne Road

Northwood, OH 43619



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