Classroom Spotlight: Mrs. Elinski’s Trigonometry Class & Miss Walker’s Preschool Class

Classroom Spotlight: Mrs. Elinski’s Trigonometry Classimage4

Mrs. Elinski (formerly Ms. Finch) spent her summer getting married and adjusting to her new last name, but she is now back to teaching  juniors and seniors Trigonometry! Currently, the students are learning how the sine and cosine of the image5major angles translates onto a graph from the unit circle. This is important because students will spend a lot of time using sin and cos and it is helpful for them to visualize the values and compare the functions side by side. The students spent four days working on giant graphs of sine and cosine. In pairs, they created a unit circle using a piece of uncooked spaghetti as their one unit. They then transferred the vertical and horizontal distances from each of the axes to the major angles on to the x-axis where they had also marked their angles. Once one rotations of sine and cosine were graphed on the same axis, students spent time discussing and comparing the graphs. Then, they compared elements such as amplitude, period, x-intercepts, maximums, and minimums, to find the similarities and differences in the functions and to learn about the important qualities of each.


Mrs. Elinski stated, “I think that the students enjoy having a more hands-on activity in a math class; not only so they can be out of their seats but also because it helps them understand the material on a deeper level.” Mrs. Elinski also added that she has really enjoyed teaching Triimage6gonometry this year. She said, “This particular class was the first group I had as freshmen in Algebra, so it is a lot of fun to have them again their final year and see how far they have come. This class is fun to teach because we can take our time on each topic and really dig deep.”

Miss Walker’s Preschool Classroom:

Miss Walker’s Preschool class is currently learning about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are a high interest area for many preschool Dinosaur toysstudents. In order to teach new concepts, it is important to get the students motivated to learn and review. Dinosaurs are always motivating to young children!

Students have also been doing many activities with both the Smartboard and various iPad apps. Through these activities, students have learned to sort dinosaurs based on common characteristics, count, and sort by color. They also practiced the letter “D” for dinosaur! During this unit students have enjoyed playing with large plastic dinosaurs, making dinosaur crafts, listening to dinosaur stories, and of course, singing and dancing to dinosaur songs! Miss Walker explained, “Preschoolers learn best through play. In order to engage children in learning new things, we set up play that targets the areas we are working on. To quote Mr. Rogers, ‘Play is really the work in childhood.’”

Important Dates:


Sept. 21 – Sept. 26: 5th Grade Camp

Oct. 1: Olney Picture Day & Preschool

Oct 2: NES Picture Day & Preschool


Sept. 26: Anthony Wayne Band Festival

Sept. 28: 7th Grade Field Trip to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

Oct. 2: Homecoming

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