Classroom Spotlights: 4th Grade Reading and Writing & 7th Grade FCS

Fourth Grade with Mrs. Chrysochoos!

Ranger Roundup 3Mrs. Tracy Chrysochoos and her fourth grade students have been focusing much of their time on reading and writing. In reading class, students are working on a program called The Daily 5. The Daily 5 is a literacy structure that allows for differentiation in the classroom. It is an integrated reading and writing workshop. It involved a system of five literacy tasks that teach students independence. Mrs. Chrysochoos’ class will incorporate different classroom novels and stories into the Daily 5 system. The students will learn how to work independently when reading novels that hey have chosen or novels/stories that have been assigned. 
Ranger RoundupRight now, students are working on picking out books that are a good fit for them. Mrs. Chrysochoos demonstrated this concept by tap dancing in the hallway! The other teachers thought Ginger Rogers was visiting Ranger Roundup 2the school!!! Mrs. Chrysochoos explained that her students are excited about working independently and getting out their own books to read. She stated, “We have an agreement that if they keep reading well independently, my tap dancing shoes may make another appearance!” Mrs. Chrysochoos is very proud of the fourth grade students. They are off to a wonderful start this year and have been troopers dealing with the hot and muggy school days!

Family and Consumer Science with Mrs. Metzger!

20150903_103324The new school year has provided many changes for Mrs. Tracy Metzger. Not only did Mrs. Metzger change classrooms, but she has also been welcomed into the middle school team. She now spends her days teaching Family and Consumer Science (FCS) classes to our seventh and eighth grade students! Mrs. Metzger’s seventh grade students are currently finishing up a lesson called “Character Counts.” This lesson encourages the students to learn about different ways in which people demonstrate good character in their everyday lives. Students examine their own behaviors as well as the actions of others. This unit is important because students will refer to the terms and behaviors about “character” in other units, such as the Communication and Conflict Resolution units.

20150909_141355Students have been working on defining terms associated with having good20150903_102623 character. They also made connections to real life actions that demonstrate these traits. Many students took it a step further by “acting out” the real life examples that they came up with in class. Students enjoyed working in groups and performing for their classmates. They also seemed to like sharing some of the ways that they themselves show good character. Mrs. Metzger stated, “I’m very much enjoying working with both the seventh and eighth grade students this year. We will be covering many topics that should be quite relevant to their everyday lives and will hopefully contribute to their success as a student at NHS.”

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