Classroom Spotlights: Mrs. Anderson’s First Grade Classroom & Ms. Blausey’s Consumer Math Class!

Mrs. Anderson’s First Grade Classroom!

IMG_1966The first few weeks of school, Mrs. Anderson focuses on building a community within the first grade classroom. Students meet on the carpet each morning and discuss topics such as making friends and bullying. Students learn class expectations, rules, and procedures, but also take lots of fun brain breaks!

Mrs. Anderson has introduced the “Daily 5,” which lets students work independently at their own level. Students have been introduced to “Read to Self,” where they practice reading books at their own level and building reading stamina. The class goal is to reach 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted independent reading time. Students can sit anywhere around the room for independent reading. Mrs. Anderson also models how to be a good reader for her students. During whole class reading, students read What Is a Pal? and discussedIMG_1965 the main idea while also completing a graphic organizer to help them pull details from the story. Students also read on the iPads for the first time!

Students have also been working hard on writing. In writing, students are practicing how to push through sounds to write a word. If students are unsure of how to spell a word, they underline it or use their first grade dictionaries. Students have been able to write without interruption for 6 minutes, which is a BIG deal in the first grade! Mrs. Anderson stated, “My students love being able to choose where they can read and what books they can read. They also love getting to choose what they can write about!”

IMG_1968FullSizeRender (1)

Mrs. Blausey’s Consumer Math:

20150902_084325This year, Ms. Blausey is offering a Consumer Math class for all students in grades 10-12. Consumer Math is a semester long course. In the first few weeks of school, Ms. Blausey’s class has covered income/salary and taxes. They are just now beginning lessons on buying vs. leasing a new vehicle. Students are doing their own research on the pros and cons of buying or leasing a vehicle. Mr. Brian Shephard from Mathew’s Ford in Oregon, will be speaking to the class about buying vs. leasing today (Friday).  Ms. Blausey explains that it 20150902_084430is important for every adult to know where their money is going and how to make smart decisions concerning one’s financial future. Ms. Blausey stated, “I think the students are really enjoying the open forum of the class. They are talking with their parents at home about discussions we’ve had in class, then coming back and sharing with the class what they’ve learned.” Sometimes, the class begins one discussion, decides to Google an answer, and end up on an entirely different line of thought because of what has been discovered!


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